Secure Social – aggiunge SSL ai tabs per facebook

Getting started has been simplified to just 2 steps with the new platform
Step 1:

Firstly, go to your Facebook developer console for your apps: (Will open in another window)
Enter the ‘Page Tab Name’ and your ‘Page Tab URL’ (the URL that your page tab currently gets its content from)
Enter in the URL: in the ‘Secure Page Tab URL’ field
Make your Facebook app console look like the image below

Step 2:

Lastly, go to your Tab on your Facebook Page (NB: Make sure it’s in HTTPS mode!)
You will see a box appear on your tab as seen in the image below (Only admins of the page can view this box)
Enter the URL of your tab content in this box (I.e. the same URL that was entered in the ‘Page Tab URL’ field in the step above)
Don’t forget to enter in the full URL, including the ‘http://’ part!

And that’s it! All done.
Refresh your Facebook page to see the final result.
Purpose of v2.0:

Social Server has been simplified for use among the general public. We saw it fit to motion the system in this direction as many small business owners with a social presence were unable to provide content to SSL browsers and hence this solution.
We acknowledge that this movement may provide some limitations so we are leaving the previous system open to our past users for continued use.

What happens if I don’t provide an SSL URL:

Without an SSL URL for your app Facebook will direct your page users to a warning screen like the one below:

Costs & Advertising:

Social Server will remain FREE to all users.
Our advertising policy remains unchanged – NO advertising

URL Redirects:

Important: Using 301 redirects on your pages will prevent the system from working properly. Please avoid using redirects.

My form does not work:

If you are using forms on your Facebook page tab then please keep this in mind. Always use an absolute URL (not relative) in your action tabs.
Relative URL –
Absolute URL –


As mentioned above Social Server has been simplified for general use. This means that we will be catering for users with simple pages needing SSL capability.
We will not be offering any support for users requesting assistance with canvas apps and our system.
To prevent waste our system only allows one app, to be SSL prepared, per page.

Mixed Content (Internet Explorer issues):

The dreaded IE!
As past users are aware, IE browsers prompted visitors with an awful ‘Mixed Content’ warning. We are glad to say that this problem can now be resolved with v2.0.
Please note that this will only work for simple content pages.
See the tutorial below on a step by step process on resolving this issue.

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